The fingerprint recognition tech achieved both low price and high efficiency for security, without a doubt, such technology earned its wide spread and utilizations. We can see them on our phones, various facilities or institutions, fingerprint door lock for home is now even a trend, for we are always tend to pursue the smarter and easier life style.

As an identification technology, fingerprints capturing and reading are the two mainly parts. So, besides the security level, how accurate the fingerprint readers could capture and detect the fingerprint pattern is the most crucial and direct criteria for evaluating such device. Therefore, those most concerned problems are come from here.

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In our daily lives. There would be a considerable number of factors that can compromise the functionality of the fingerprint recognition devices. We all know that our fingers would be attached with many different objects, such as our own skin secretion, oil, small particles, dust, or any form of distortion of our fingertip, and so on.

Therefore, the semiconductor fingerprint reader now is slowly replacing the optical fingerprint reader (the optical fingerprint reader takes a visual image of the fingerprint through a digital camera) and the reason why they are being replaced is that they can only deliver very poor performance while dealing with the dirty fingers, dry fingers etc. Also, they can’t tell whether the fingerprint is real or not, since they just compare the optical images and nothing else. Hence, the semiconductor fingerprint reader is to save the day. They use thousands of capacitors to offer the faster, more accurate and meticulous scanning. Moreover, the semiconductor reader only recognizes living object, so, someone with the duplicated fingerprint of yours would not be able to open the door of your home.

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Yet, naturally, even the semiconductor reader has problems. Normally, they are hard to maintenance, easily scratched and affected by static electricity, they are more sensitive hence more vulnerable. As a customer, you probably already run through some digital door lock suppliers to gain the information, but here let us introduce HUNE, and how we solve these new problems for good, hope that we can also offer you some useful information for your journey of choosing.

Fingerprint door lock is actually one of the products that we dedicated the most. Through years of evolution and hard working. We developed our own technique for better performance of fingerprint door locks. We developed the new products from semiconductor fingerprint readers to boost and ensure the precise data collection and anti-clone, for better achieving the safety, accuracy and stability. HUNE semiconductor fingerprint readers can deliver the 360° image analysis, four times data collection and the much more precise identification. Normally, the semiconductor fingerprint readers can only deliver the 180° image analysis and twice data collection.

Most importantly, to dissolve the vulnerable sides of normal semiconductor reader. HUNE semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology is designed to against dry finger and scratch. The semiconductor fingerprint reader is composed with five layers of materials. We added the electrostatic isolation layer and the nano ceramic protective layer. With them, the readers will be able to perform the instant identifying, multiple angels identifying, anti-scratch and anti-static. They can offer five times human body electrostatic resistibility. The ordinary semiconductor reader couldn’t offer the high resistibility of protecting scratches and high-level human body electrostatic. Hence, HUNE semiconductor fingerprint recognition tech can achieve the unique features which we reckoned would solve the most crucial problems and would help you out.


We hope that we have offered the helpful information, so that you can better compare the existing fingerprint door lock suppliers to complete your selection of the fingerprint door lock for home, with the right decision. If you are interested, please contact us and check out our official website for more details.

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