Battery for Digital Door Locks in Malaysia

Here are common questions about this topic in Malaysia:

What kind of battery do we use?

Basically, most digital locks can only be powered by 1.5V AA alkaline batteries.

By default, all door locks have batteries in their packaging, but the batteries in the packaging are usually weak or not durable. These batteries are used for testing purposes after the installation is complete. We always recommend customers replace new batteries once the testing is done.

For best results, we only recommend that you use alkaline batteries. These types of batteries are most suitable for use with our locks, and depending on the frequency of use, they can usually last up to 12 months. There are many AA battery brands on the market that are trustworthy. Our most recommended brand is Energizer (without Max or Max Plus) / Duracell / Panasonic Evolta

Tested by our customers, Energizer, Duracell and Panasonic batteries are considered to have stronger anti-leakage capabilities. 4 batteries can use the digital lock for up to 15 months (depending on usage).

Battery leakage is the number one killer of digital lock failures. Please check it regularly to avoid locking up any rising problems.

Tips on the maintenance of the digital lock battery:

1) Only use alkaline batteries

2) No rechargeable battery

3) Do not mix new batteries with old batteries

4) If possible, Change batteries every 8 - 10 months.

5) Diligently check for battery leakage every 6 months.

6) Avoid lithium, carbon-zinc and rechargeable batteries altogether.

To ensure that the risk of your digital door lock failure is reduced, you should start maintenance from the battery. To purchase a digital door lock in Malaysia, please contact us immediately for price details.


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