Smart security for a connected home in Malaysia

In today’s world, people are gradually adapting to “smart” devices not only in the workplace but also at home. Intelligent security is the inevitable choice for experts and users to revisit again and again! Of course, when we talk about smart security, we will eventually think of smart locks!

Smart locks in today’s world provide multiple options for access and availability.

Most smart locks use Bluetooth or wireless technology for operation, and they rely on battery operation, so they can maintain efficiency even when the power is off.

The most convenient feature in such smart locks is that you can easily share the access of the lock with the person of your choice through email or through the respective mobile application for the particular smart lock and also at the same time you can revoke the access when the use is over!

You can easily monitor access to the lock, view transaction records and receive notifications about transactions.

In terms of hardware, some smart locks can be integrated with the existing fixing bolts on the door, while others require special smart locks.

Today, there are many options for smart locks, such as:

Bluetooth Smart Locks:

If you are the kind of person who always forgets the door key and key combination, then this option will help all of you! In this case, you can purchase Bluetooth settings, which can be linked with your mobile phone and can perform functions such as automatically locking the door 30 seconds after leaving home.

You can also use NFC technology to program these locks to open the door when you are within a certain range.

This type of lock can also choose to use a key fob so that you can give it to guests or trusted people.

PIN / Fingerprint smart locks:

For those who also find it inconvenient to carry their phone with them, you can use the owner’s fingerprint or PIN code to access this lock! This type of lock is mainly used in shared houses or houses that require frequent access.

Wi-Fi Smart Locks:

For those who believe in and plan to own a smart home, or for those who already own a smart home, this smart lock is heaven! These types of locks can easily work with your home network for easy keyless entry. You can share access rights by sending “invites” to people you trust, and you can also track and monitor access rights through mobile apps.

Smart Padlocks:

In order to protect your house and property, you must use these locks when you are not at home! The smart padlock can be connected with your Bluetooth devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.), and you can easily access or lock the door and protect assets through a mobile application. These locks can stay locked for up to 22 years without charging! However, once the battery is low, you will be notified.

Why you should use smart locks?

In today’s world, using smart locks is very meaningful, because they can free you from the hassle of keys and remember those difficult combinations! The concept of “smart home” is no longer a concept. People are using and adopting smart technology at home to make life easier! These smart devices not only rank first in terms of cost, but also in terms of efficiency and ease of use. Therefore, smart lock is just the next progressive way in that direction.


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