How to Solve The Hotel Door Lock Problems

With smart key card RFID hotel door locks’ popularity, more and more hotels have begun to use  RFID keycard hotel door locks as necessary hotel room management locks.

But while using the smart RFID hotel door lock to bring convenience to the hotel, do you also encounter some hotel door lock not working?

So when these hotel door lock problems arise, do you want to determine where the hotel door lock problems, and the troubleshooting?

If yes, this article will bring you the most comprehensive list of common hotel lock problems, troubleshooting, and solutions.

First of all, we need to understand the structure of the most common hotel door lock types to find the problem location when solving the problem quickly.

Then, some common issues and causes of RFID card hotel door locks will be introduced in detail and simple solutions.

Hotel Door Lock Structure

According to the packaging, the smart card hotel door lock comprises two parts: the lock mortise and the lock panel.

Hotel Door Lock Panel

The hotel door lock panel is divided into front and back panels. The front panel comprises a hotel lock mainboard, an exterior door handle, and a mechanical lock cylinder.

The back panel comprises an interior door handle, hotel door lock battery packs box and a thumb knob. The front and back panels are connected by two handle spindles inserted in the lock mortise and then joined by fixing screws at four corners. The exterior handle can be used and opened after reading the card, and the interior door handle can be used to open the door at any time from inside.

Hotel Door Lock Mortise

The lock mortise is the core component of the hotel door lock, responsible for the hotel lock’s main locking work. The deadbolt is controlled by the thumb knob of the interior handle, and the lock latch bolt is governed by the handle on the front and back panels.

The mainboard is connected to the lock mortise, and the lock mortise is connected to the battery for the power supply.

The above is a simple description of the hotel lock structure.

What are the hotel door lock problems and how to solve ?

Hotel door lock problem 1: The door is opened without pressing the handle after it is closed.


  • It may be that the lock strike of the hotel door lock is not installed correctly, causing the latch bolt to fail to pop out or the latch bolt to be inflexible and unable to pop out.
  • The hotel door lock battery is insufficient. After opening the door, the battery is low, and it usually becomes open if it is not locked.

How to solve:

  • Adjust the lock strike to the right position.
  • Replace the hotel lock battery.

Hotel door lock problem 2: All hotel master cards and guest cards cannot open the door.


The battery is dead or installed incorrectly;

  • The lock body power cable is off;
  • The door lock is not authorized;

How to solve:

  • Check the battery and install new hotel lock batteries;
  • Reconnect the cable between mainboard and hotel lock batteries pack;
  • Reread the authorization card;

Hotel door lock problem 3: The hotel master card can open the hotel lock, but the guest room card cannot open the hotel door lock.


  • When the buzzer beeps three times “di,” “di,” and “di,” and the motor does not sound, it is caused by the wrong setting of the room number card;
  • When the buzzer emits a beep, and the motor does not sound, it is caused by the inconsistency between the hotel lock time and the computer time;
  • The card has expired, or the hotel door lock time is wrong.
  • The room number may be wrong.

How to solve:

  • Reset the room number card for the hotel door lock, and then reset the management card and the new room number card;
  • Reissue the time card on the computer, and then go to the door lock to reread the time card.

Hotel door lock problem 4: The master card can open the door, but the guest card cannot open the door, and the latch bolt doesn’t pop out.


  • The latch bolt of the lock mortise is damaged. That is, the guest card, floor card, building card are used to open the door, the indicator light does not light, the motor does not sound, and the door does not open with two beeps;

How to solve:

  • Replace the lock mortise;

Hotel door lock problem 5: The master card and guest card cannot open the door, the indicator light is on, the motor sounds in the lock, and the hotel door lock handle is idling


  • The positioning point on the exterior door handle is not aligned with the positioning arrow on the lock mortise;
  • The spindle of the handle is not put into the square hole of the door handle;
  • There is no spring in the door handle square hole, and the spindle of the door handle retracts into the handle square hole;

How to solve:

  • Align and fix two points;
  • Reinstall the spindle of the hotel door lock handle;
  • Reinstall the handle spring;

Hotel door lock problem 6: the hotel door lock handle cannot be automatically returned.


  • The door leaf opening is skewed or too small, and the lock mortise is twisted after the panel is installed, causing the handle shaft not to move smoothly;
  • The handle shaft hole is too small. When the handle is turned, the screw that fixes the handle on the panel will touch the door leaf;
  • The panel installation is skewed, causing the handle square rod to always be under force;

How to solve:

  • Correct the door opening;
  • Enlarge the handle shaft hole;
  • Adjust the position of the panel;

Hotel door lock problem 7: alarm after closing the door, stop after 30 seconds, the red light will flash for a while


  • The handle hole of the panel is too small, and the handle is obstructed and cannot return automatically;
  • The position of the gusset plate on the door frame is not installed correctly, causing the diagonal tongue to be unable to extend or not to extend;
  • The door opening is too small, or there are foreign objects on the sidewall, which hinder the movement of the inclined tongue assembly, resulting in the inclined tongue cannot be extended or incompletely extended (see the extension length for details);

How to solve:

  • Expand the handle hole;
  • Adjust the position of the buckle box cover (usually move inward to the center line of the wall);
  • Expand the door opening or clean up foreign objects;

Hotel door lock problem 8: The red light keeps flashing and alarms after opening the door


  • Generally, the battery voltage is too low after a period of use.

How to solve:

  • Replace the battery;

Hotel door lock problem 9: When the lock is opened, the door is heavy when closing the door.


  • The gap between the door frame and the door on the side of the lock is not adjusted correctly (the gap is too small, and the door is heavy when opening and closing the door)

How to solve:

  • Adjust the gap between the bolt panel and the door frame patch to keep the gap within 3-5MM

Hotel door lock problem 10: No sound, no light, no motor action when sensing the RFID card


  • Is the battery installed in the door lock;
  • The connection line is not in the excellent contactor is misconnected;
  • Whether the sensing panel is damaged.

How to solve:

  • Install new batteries, check the connection lines, and replace the induction panel when handling.

Hotel door lock problem 11: Greenlight and motor sound when swiping the RFID card for induction, but the door cannot be opened


  • This failure is usually that the iron bar between the front panel of the smart lock and the lock cylinder is not connected correctly, or the lock cylinder has been damaged.

How to solve:

  • Open the smart lock panel and check.

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