Malaysia Supplier and Distributor: What Hotels Need Consider When Buying A Smart Door Lock?

Are you organizing hotel or hospitality industry and thinking the security of hotel rooms? smart door locks allow hotel guests to enter rooms without breaking the stride. Smart door locks are becoming an important part of securing and reducing the security risk of front door. Also known as digital door locks, they are user-friendly, convenient and a lot of features.

Type of Entry

There are various options for smart door locks, their entry types all perform the same function of giving hotels a security measure. Moreover, Hotels should consider its performance, such as installation and ongoing support by smart door lock experts when encountering a problem.

Types of Lock And Unlock

Smart card lock, fingerprint, keypad lock may be great for hotels and hospitality industry. Smart door lock suppliers will offer hotel add-on key fob or keypad to unlock the doors if hotel guests don’t have mobile phone with them.


The level of security is always a concern, it is dependent on the type, performance and quality of the lock. The different types include electronic door lock, fingerprint lock, pin code, RFID, Bluetooth and mobile app controlled, each of them with unique features. If compare with traditional door lock, smart door lock is safer when considering that there is no risk of losing or miss placing the key.

Smart door locks are the latest advancement in security technology nowadays. However, it is important to consider the features which are suitable for your hotel types before purchasing a brand-new digital door lock system.


Last but not least, the battery life depends on the number of entries, the quality of batteries, the type of batteries and its functions. Most of the smart door locks installed with battery reminder, you will still get alert on mobile app when battery power gets low. Battery power usually lasts from 3 months to a year, it is very suitable for hotels as hotels do not need to change the batteries very often. In addition, many smart door locks now come with some jumpstart nodes as a backup, so hotels can get enough power to operate the doors if battery gets low.

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