Why Are Smart Door Locks So Important For Hotels in Malaysia?

Smart door lock is increasingly popular and everyone is now possible enter room or home with a simple push of a button, keycard or even mobile. The traditional locks are considered less convenient, because of the hassle such as forgetting or miss placing the key.

What’s more secure: Traditional VS Smart Door Lock

Imagine, if there were no locks in place in our society, strangers could easily walk in your home or establishment, so people are willing to spend more money on high quality door locks, especially office, residential, hotels and motels. Therefore, choosing a right door lock is important for you, because we want to make it more convenient in our lives without tenterhooks.

In Malaysia, most residential areas are using traditional lock, because price is lower if compare to smart door lock. Traditional security lock has its weakness, if a hotel guest loses the key, strangers can easily enter to the room if they find the key. Unfortunately, hotel front doors are not as safe as we think, because the robbers can easily break through traditional door locks.

Are smart door locks really better than traditional locks?

Smart door locks are keyless and can be more secure than the traditional locks. About smart door locks, there are different types:

  • RFID
  • Keypads and touch screens
  • Fingerprint identification
  • Mobile app or Bluetooth enabled locks

If someone has gained the digital door lock code, hotel managers can disconnect, reprogram, or change the security code with a very short time to prevent someone get access the hotel rooms. Before buying smart door lock, hotels should consider on what features to reduce the security risk.

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