Advantages of Smart Locks for Hotels

One of the smartest actions that hotels can replace the traditional door locks and keys with keyless smart lock system. Hotel smart door locks not only prevent the trouble of missing physical keys, but they may also significantly reduce hotel costs as well. Its offer a host benefits over traditional, mechanical key locks.

How Hotel Smart Door Locks Will Protect The Guests?

1. Provide a completely contactless experience

Investing in hotel smart locks can promote personal safety by limiting contact with hotel guests. This is very suitable for the hotels to continue to operate in a hygienic and smarter manner after the outbreak.

Also, guests may acquire their entry code in advance and go straight to their rooms without asking at the front desk.

2. How hotel smart door locks will protect the guests?

When the hotel guests come to travel and frequently go out from hotel room, they may forget where they put the key. Smart locks allow guests to enter employing a passcode which may be changed at any time. Hotel door locks also allow guests to enter the rooms by using RFID kay cards or magnetic cards.

Nowadays, the door locks come with proximity sensors. With these cards and including the door locks, guests can switch on the lighting, temperature control within the hotel rooms. In addition, the smart door lock will automatically lock once closed. This will reduce the problem of hotel room theft and also to meet customers’ satisfaction.

Things to consider according to Hotel Smart Locks:

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1. Technical features

When investing in a hotel business, you need to consider the construction of every single door, depends on what kind of deadbolt or lever lock you want to install. Also, there are too many different types of hotel smart door lock such as fingerprint door locks, keypad locks, Bluetooth door locks and Wi-Fi door locks. Therefore, hotels must understand door locking features and methods.

2. Design

The design and colour of the smart door lock are also very important for the hotel, because what kind of decoration should be matched with what kind of smart door locks. This will have an impact on the aesthetics of the hotel guests, so hotels still have to follow the trends from time to time.

3. Wi-Fi connection

Hotels also need to consider whether to provide Wi-Fi service or whether the smart door lock can operate without Wi-Fi. Hotel can ask for professional suggestions from experts before the installation, because they are able to provide hotels with suitable solutions in selecting the right smart door locks for your hotel guests’ needs and experiences.

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