About HUNE

As the high increase rate of tourism and construction industry, the demand of digital smart door lock is booming. Although HUNE has earned the fame in the market in this period, we never think about just decrease in quality to enhance the production capability. That is why HUNE can stand in this niche and keep growing more than 20 years.

Icon of about us and who are we. We are digital door lock supplier in Malaysia.


We are HUNE premium proxy in Malaysia, supplying the top and best digital smart door lock brand from KEYU Intelligence Co, ltd, one of top 3 big smart door lock international manufacturers, national high technology enterprise. Our main office is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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  • We have faith in our development
  • We run as part of this industry not just taking it as a business
  • We earn the reputation from the markets
  • We insist to be ourselves
  • No decrease in quality, efficient service and reliable technology


Hune has six strengths so that the customers have to choose them as the digital door lock options.


We serve different clients the best solutions.

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HUNE believe that practice makes perfect. Our service team is ready to give the standard answer for all the questions you may ask. The efficient service is always from the experience or passion or determination to solve a problem.  And please never doubt the insistence of us, your special question or problem to our products will always be the challenge we would like to conquer. 

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