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HUNE has more than 20 years’ experiences in creating and manufacturing the digital smart door lock, undoubtedly HUNE has become the top 3 digital smart door lock international manufacturer and also supplier in the worldwide. 


The Products That We Have

We supply the great and quality guaranteed products specialized in digital smart door lock for instance hotel door lock, fingerprint lock, cabinet/locker lock, keypad lock, energy saver and bathroom lock to our valued customers.

HUNE participated in the innovation of first key card door lock in China and become the well-known hotel key card door lock brand since 1991. Our task is to offer the reliable smart key card locks to the market and introduce more other smart hotel door lock series to meet the user need.

HUNE’s digital smart card lock system can be integrated to hotel management system such as Micros-Fidelio or Opera. Both Mifare and Temic version have encryption to increase the secrecy performance. HUNE’s digital smart card lock can adapt to many mortises such as ANSI, European, Single latch and so on. The mortise of HUNE can meet various standard such as UL, BHMA, EN and CE.

To keep the stability of the lock system, HUNE developed the own hotel card lock system and keep optimizing it every year no matter in functionality or stability. We are the brand own authorized certification of international PMS system.

As an international leading enterprise of digital smart door lock system, HUNE has been deeply engaged in fingerprint door lock field for over 10 years.

HUNE fingerprint lock use 3D nanometre semiconductor reader for precise reading. Hard to copy but never affect immediate recognize. Most of HUNE fingerprint door lock for home have full function: card (Mifare), keypad, fingerprint and mechanical key to meet different occasions. All password function locks in our smart door lock system have scramble function, encryption and even anti-clone technology.

Titanium alloy, stainless steel, PVD coating is the ordinary material for HUNE fingerprint lock supplier to show up your great design. And HUNE will never use off grade material for manufacture to low your brand image. HUNE paid lots of attention to the structure and programmed so our anti-theft handle design and anti Tesla coil attack function have earned great appreciation from the market and we will keep moving forward to ease your every concern. HUNE fingerprint lock also has WIFI or Bluetooth function to true the remote control or monitor function. And this is a great function for Airbnb or residential user.

HUNE’s digital smart door lock system also includes keypad smart lock. Password is the most secured but also the most dangerous unlock way. Password is in your mind that hard to be puzzled but once it is peeked it is not secret anymore. So HUNE keypad smart lock has designed a function that you can insert over 25 digits then only the 4-6 of them is the real password by your setting.

HUNE’s digital keypad lock also has card function to help you generate the accommodation rental function. The Mifare system of HUNE digital keypad lock has encryption to double secure.

Besides, HUNE are here to introduce the Bluetooth and WIFI function keypad lock to true the remote control or monitor function. You can use APP in smart phone to control the lock and most of the time for the working distance of the Bluetooth digital smart lock is around 10 meters. Temporary password is also a function that some Bluetooth digital smart lock will insert. You can use the APP to generate the password for different occasions.

PS: Please also consider the wall situation, due to too many or too thick wall on the transfer track will surely affect the real contact distance.

As early as 2003, HUNE launched the electronic RFID cabinet lock. After years of development, HUNE has a complete set of electronic RFID cabinet lock solutions. HUNE’s RFID cabinet lock’s front panel is made of zinc alloy. Many styles and sizes are available. HUNE’s cabinet/locker lock can suit with different material or thickness of cabinet/locker. Plastic cover and stainless-steel cover mortises are available, they can meet different needs.

HUNE’s cabinet/locker lock has many modes to meet occasions.

Hotel mode/ Software mode

  • fit for the hospitality system which hotel guest can use the room card to unlock a locker in SPA, GYM or Swimming Pool.
  • support the view unlock record function

Safe Box mode/ Guest self-help mode

  • suitable for the individual SPA, GYM, Swimming Pool or Stadium management for user can use any card to lock and unlock the vacant locker they want
  • do not need the hospitality system
  • use the card to complete the cabinet lock setting

ID mode/ Normal Mode

  • perfect for the membership management because member can be assigned a dedicated lock by the club to show up the honour
  • do not need the hospitality system
  • use the card to complete the cabinet lock setting

HUNE cabinet/locker locks are available using Mifare, Temic, ID and TM card. Wristband card and small size card are also available. They can meet your different management system. Some model also has password unlock function.

HUNE’s cabinet/locker lock has low voltage warning function and anti-theft Alarm Function. If the batteries’ voltage is low, when you unlock by card, it will alarm and remind you to replace the new batteries. When the cabinet/locker door is closed, once the lock latch is picked illegally, buzzer will sound “beep” for 15 seconds continuously. Touch a valid key card can stop alarming.

HUNE also provides different models of energy saver. You can choose colour and modes you want to meet your hotel design and the system is stable for long time use. HUNE’s energy saver only accepts encryption card to active the power connects to help hotel cost management. HUNE also just launched the upgraded card encoder which have slim and modern design to meet your brand image and save your cost in delivery at the same time.  

HUNE has the totally mechanical bath room lock or digital ones to match with our digital smart door lock design. Most of our bathroom lock use alloy and electroplate and you can also find some with PVD clothing. Customers can find simplified or luxury design bathroom lock in our series, and various colour such as silver, golden or copper can be found. Appearance matching is also a reason you want to choose HUNE bathroom lock because it will also raise the image of your designs.

Not only the nice design and good quality of our bathroom lock, we also set a switch on the lock to show the vacant or occupied status of the bathroom. The people outside can know bathroom is occupied once they saw the red light flashing.

The digital bathroom lock can also be applied in bedroom, and it is the same function to avoid any unnecessary disturb to keep the peace atmosphere. You just need a slight touch to switch the button to the occupied status and your visitor can wait for you silently outside after a peek of the light colour. What a nice and peaceful picture.

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