Why Most of The Hotels Using Smart Door Lock?

Hotel smart locks not only make your hotel safer and more secure, but they will also add convenience for hotel guests staying at your hotel. This is the reason why more and more hotels are using smart door locks to replace traditional door locks.

Modern security technology provides hotels with wireless smart door locks that can be opened using, passcode, key cards and mobile credentials.

How wireless smart door locks add convenience for hotels?

Hotel Smart Door Lock Offer Greater Protection and Security

The most worrying aspect of staying in a hotel is its security. Smart door locks can help to improve security operations, because with hotel smart door locks, hotels can assign access PIN codes or provide key cards only to certain guests authorised to enter their hotel rooms. This prevents theft case happens or guests from entering other people’s rooms, so, they can only enter the rooms they have reserved.

Increase Hotel Staff and Guest Conveniences

During the check-in process, hotel guests able to enter their rooms with just a key card, PIN or mobile device. Some of the hotel smart door locks will show history logs, which allow hotel staff able to look back past hotel guest check-in and out times.

Smart Operating Systems

Hotels can provide their guests with RFID key cards or magnetic key cards not only to unlock the door locks but also to ensure the lights and electricity turn on automatically when hotel guests enter the rooms and turn off when they leave the room. This helps hotel guests feel safer and more protected while staying at your hotel. This can make the hotel more environmentally friendly and sustainable while also lowering its monthly costs, especially its electric bill.

Save Operational Cost with Technology

Hotel Smart Locks greatly reduce hotel maintenance and replacement costs. Installing smart door locks in your hotel will increase operational efficiency, because all you need to do is assign hotel guests a key card, passcode or mobile access. Also, smart door locks enable the doors to lock and unlock automatically with keyless, saving time and reducing the risk of lost productivity.

The convenience, flexibility and wide variety of security hotel smart door locks that keyless locks offer hotel businesses are clear solutions, looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs and increase operational efficiency.

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